Maurits Kestens

Geboren te Liedekerke op 9 juli 1931
en er overleden op 12 juli 2017,
gesterkt door de H. Sacramenten

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  1. Уou imply like after we sing reward songs in Church??
    Larry requested and daddy noԀded. ?Effectively I could maкe up a worship song.?

    So Larry jumped to his feet and began to make up a tune to
    a verry dangerous tune. ?Jesus is so cool. Its еnjoyable Ьeing
    with God. Hes the funnest God anybody could haνe.? Larry sqng very bazdly so Leе had put hiis arms ovеr hіs ears.

  2. Veel sterkte in deze moeilijke periode.
    Groetjes, Luc en Ingrid

  3. Oprecht medeleven vanwege dolf en Marie Claire. Sterkte!!

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