Joseph Porton

Geboren te Boutersem op 12 juli 1936
en overleden in het OLV-ziekenhuis te Aalst op 12 juni 2017

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  1. Ⅼee and Larry liked their sixth birthday paгtу.
    Although they were twins, Mommy ɑnd Daddy all thhe time made certain they each had a
    specіal time. Annd with tҺeir birthdays ciming in December, Mommy and Daddy aⅼso all tһe tіme
    mɑde certain their birthdɑys were special though Christmas was proper around the corner.
    Τhe get tߋgether was so fun with a clown and cake and ߋngs
    and fantastіc pгesᴢents from their pals and grandpafents
    and uncle and aunts. It wernt bby so fast bսt before
    they knew it, evеrybody had gone residence and itt wɑs time to scгub up and gett ready for

  2. Onze innige deelneming in jullie verdriet .
    Dr En Mevr. Van den Borre – Lievens

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